zol replaces Lachinio on Out of Style (now Applesauce)

zol will be replacing Lachinio on Out of Style as he teams up with Hato and EPICJonny under the name Applesauce.

As zol and Chicago have now both left the former Team Dignitas roster, the Rival Series spot that they had retained from the previous season will now turn into an additional qualifier spot from the play-ins.

Out of Style competed in the RLCS last season where the team finished dead last and failed to win a single series. As a result, the team found themselves in the Promotion Tournament where they once again failed to win a series, dropping back down to the Rival Series.

Hato and zol have also previously been teammates competing under Fibeon and Applesauce prior to the season. The duo and Chicago were considered one of the better teams in North America, however they failed to perform under pressure and just barely missed out on the RLCS two seasons in a row.

There were many questions whether the team would retain their spot for the next season or opt to completely disband. zol has proven to be an incredible player and hopefully he is what the roster needs to start performing well.

The Applesauce roster consists of: