Speed replaces Andom on Triple Trouble

Speed will be joining the Rival Series team Triple Trouble to replace Andom.

Over the past few months, Speed has been making a name for himself while competing under The Bricks. The team had been one of the strongest teams in the bubble scene. With victories against Renault Vitality (Fairy Peak, Freakii, Paschy90), PSG (Bluey, Chausette, Ferra), FlipSid3 Tactics (kuxir97, miztik, Yukeo), and compLexity Gaming (Al0t, Metsanauris, Mognus) in the lead up to their 2nd place finish in the Ballistix finals, all three players showed that they have what it takes to compete with the best.

Their success as a team has definitely not gone unnoticed with Speed finding himself on a Rival Series roster and fruity recently joining PSG. With yet another player leaving The Bricks, Shakahron is now left searching for a team with roster locks approaching quickly.

Triple Trouble finished 4th in last season's Rival Series with a record of 4-3, thereby securing their spot for the upcoming season. It seemed like the roster would be sticking together, however this last-minut swap sees Andom departing the roster. With a strong player like Speed, the team will be looking to finish higher this season as they try to qualify for the Promotion Tournament.

Update: Originally it was announced that Andom would stay on the roster as a substitute instead of previously announced substitute Abeogand, however the team has now announced that Andom has, in fact, declined the substitute position, meaning he has fully departed the team and Abeogand will be the team's substitute as originally planned.

The Triple Trouble roster consists of: