Scrub Killa joins Team Vitality

At long last after five seasons of waiting, Scrub Killa is finally eligible to participate in the RLCS and will be teaming up alongside Fairy Peak and Paschy90 on Team Vitality.

Team Vitality made quick moves following their poor performance finishing in last at the RLCS Season 5 World Championship. Within just a few days, the roster announced that they would be parting ways with FreaKii in search of a better fit. Only a few days later, the team has already decided on Scrub Killa to fill that void.

Scrub Killa has been the most awaited player by many fans as he had been under the Rocket League Championship Series minimum age until this upcoming season. Scrub Killa has competed at the highest level possible for him since the beginning of the game, having played the predecessor Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars since a young age. His 1v1 skills are undoubtable, having won both years of The Twelve Titans tournament, but many fans have questioned how he would be able to translate his ability into 3v3s.

Scrub Killa notably competed alongside Paschy90 previously under Defusekids with Nielskoek during DreamHack Summer last year. The team was able to knockout Rogue before falling to eventual champions FlipSid3 Tactics.

If there's anything we have learned over the last season, it's that the rookies nowadays are incredibly gifted and teams are only going to pick them up if they have proven themselves. EyeIgnite, Yukeo, Delusion, and most notably JSTN have all shown just what can be accomplished by these talented rookies. And Scrub Killa is no exception.

With still a month to go until the next season commences, it is definitely a good move by Team Vitality to pick Scrub Killa up as soon as possible. This will allow the roster more than enough time to hone his rotational skills and ready him for top-level 3v3 play. It's hard to believe that we will finally be able to see him play on the biggest stage after having waited for five full seasons, but there is no doubt that this is only the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting RLCS career.

The Team Vitality roster consists of: