RLCS Season 6 Roster Tracker

We are happy to bring back the Octane Roster Tracker, which will be a useful reference to track roster changes that have occurred since the end of RLCS Season 5. This time around we have not included substitutes unless they are contracted by the organization in an effort to make the page look a bit cleaner. The teams tracked on this page only include those that already have a spot in the RLCS or RLRS League Play. As new information is announced, this page will be updated.


RLCS North America

Allegiance (promoted from RLRS)


Evil Geniuses

FlyQuest (promoted from RLRS)

G2 Esports

Ghost Gaming

NRG Esports


RLRS North America

Applesauce (formerly Out of Style, demoted from RLCS)

The Magicians (formerly Spacestation Gaming)

CLG (demoted from RLCS, forfeited their spot)

ex-Team Dignitas (forfeited their spot)

RLCS Europe

compLexity Gaming

ex-Team Envy (formerly Team EnVyUs)

FlipSid3 Tactics


mousesports (formerly Servette, promoted from RLRS)

PSG eSports

Team Dignitas

Team Vitality

RLRS Europe

exceL Esports (demoted from RLCS)

Team Secret

Nordavind (formerly Placebo)

Triple Trouble

RLCS Oceania

Chiefs Esports

Tainted Minds (forfeited their spot)

Based on Dust2.us Tracker, Last updated: 2018-08-23 17:57 ET