Rival Series hotshots

The RLRS is a place where players can score ludicrous amounts of goals and gain a ridiculous number of points in their efforts to make it is to the promotion tournament. But do these crazy numbers really correlate to success in the rest of their careers? Granted we only have a single season to look at, we can keep our observations at hand to see if these players follow the same trend in the next season. let’s take a look

For this, I am going to be looking at the top two players in score per game in each region. For the Season 4 North American Rival Series, JSTN and Chicago led the league with both players having over 350 score per game on average. On the European side, EyeIgnite and Lauty led their region in score per game.


It's really no secret what JSTN has been able to accomplish since his time in the Rival Series. His amazing performance on Out of Style showcased that he is a top-level player, later earning himself a spot on NRG during the off-season. Since then, NRG gone undefeated in the RLCS League Play. As for JSTN himself, he had a good season averaging 0.75 assists per game (4th in NA) and 3.04 shots per game (3rd in NA) during league play. His performance in the regional championship was also remarkable, showing his great consistency under pressure averaging 0.91 assists per game throughout the day. Unfortunately, the grand finals saw them fall to G2 Esports, however, NRG could have won with just a few things going NRG’s way. Though JSTN hasn’t had an incredible season statistically, he has fit his role on NRG almost perfectly. With better teammates, he simply does not have to put up incredible numbers every game. JSTN has still established himself as one of the best players in North America, most definitely a success for just his rookie season in the RLCS.


After the Season 4 Rival Series League Play, Team Dignitas failed to be able to win during the promotion tournament sending them back down to the Rival Series for another season. The team opted for a roster change which saw Turtle step in for Hato. In their first major tournament together, Dignitas made it to the quarterfinals of DreamHack Leipzig, the most stacked Rocket League event to-date. This is ovbviously a huge success for a Rival Series team to be able to knock RLCS teams out of the event in just their first LAN event. Going back to the Rival Series, Dignitas virtually ended their hopes of having top 2 in their control by losing to The D00ds and FlyQuest in Week 1 of League Play. They went on to end up barely scraping by at 4th to secure their spot for the next season. Despite their difficult season, Chicago managed to still average 1.09 goals per game (2nd in NA) and 0.87 assists per game (4th in NA), an incredible stat-line. But in terms of progression in the league, he is exactly where he was at the start of the Rival Series... in the Rival Series. There’s no denying his incredible talent, it’s just the results which need to come now.


EyeIgnite, like JSTN, was picked up by a struggling Team EnVyUs in their quest to make it back to the top of Europe. League Play was mixed bag for EnVy with wins over the weaker teams in the region but losses against the better ones. However, by being able to secure a regional championship spot, only a single match separated them from LAN. They ended up performing well in the regional championship securing themselves a spot at LAN as the 3rd seed for Europe, with a surprising win over compLexity. They have ended in a position far better than their lackluster performance over the last six months would indicate. EyeIgnite has elevated this whole team to being a contender at the World Championships in just his first season. He scored 0.83 goals a game (6th in EU) during RLCS Season 5, whilst placing highly in almost every stat category. It will be interesting to see how the team performs at the World Championship.


Unfortunately, Lauty is a little less interesting than the others with him choosing to substitute for Fnatic for this season of RLCS. In the meantime, he has been competing in the Gfinity Elite series as a starter under the Fnatic organization. Though the competition in Gfinity may be weaker, being able to continuously put up good stats is still impressive. Lauty scored a whopping 40% of the team's goals with 0.75 goals a games despite having to play with a different roster every week. As a result of the constant roster changes, Fnatic found themselves at third in the group with a quarterfinal matchup against RLCS team Vitality. The season itself wasn't successful in terms of placements, however he has showed he can continue put up good numbers and should be a player to watch out for.

Those four players were the hotshots from last season. Both JSTN and EyeIgnite managed to make it all the way to the World Championship after an impressive season in the Rival Series. These players are proving that the Rival Series is the perfect breeding ground for the stars of the future. Taking the players at the top of score per game in each region for this season, here are the players that we should keep an eye on going forward.

  • 1. MummiSnow (Servette Geneva eSports)
  • 2. Tigreee (Team Secret)
  • 3. FlamE (Team Secret)
North America
  • 1. Chicago (Team Dignitas)
  • 2. Memory (Spacestation Gaming)
  • 3. PrimeThunder (FlyQuest)

Chicago appears on the list once again, as he is still one of the top players in the region. Most of the remaining players will be competing in the Promotion Tournament this weekend and if they make it through, it is likely that these players are the ones that will step up against the tougher competition.