Rapid joins former SSG roster, now named The Magicians

The members of the former Spacestation Gaming squad have announced their new third player as Rapid, and will play the Rival Series under the name The Magicians.

The former Spacestation Gaming composed of Vince, Halcyon, and Memory, didn't manage to qualify for the Promotion Tournament this past season but did nonetheless keep their Rival Series spot after finishing 3rd in League Play. However the off-season was less kind for the team as they saw the departure of Memory to Ghost Gaming as well as the loss of their organization.

Now, joining for the new season will be Rapid. A relatively unknown player, Rapid hasn't had a big breakout moment yet, having played the last Rival Series qualifiers with Pluto and Roll Dizz on Genesis and falling short in the 9-12th place. Nonetheless the player will be eager to showcase his magic on the field, which is fitting as the team now dubs themselves "The Magicians". However with so many Rival Series spots up for grabs and with a competition more fierce than ever, we'll have to wait until the start of League Play to find out how this new roster will fare against the opposition.

The The Magicians roster consists of: