Pluto joins FlyQuest as a substitute

FlyQuest have announced that they have picked up Pluto as a substitute and "influencer".

Pluto most recently competed in the RLRS Season 5 Play-In alongside teammates Roll Dizz and Rapid on Genesis. The roster failed to qualify for this past season of RLRS after suffering losses to Lights Out! and Peeps. Since then, Pluto has not been actively competing on any official roster.

FlyQuest had a tremendous season in the RLRS and were able to qualify for the next season of RLCS with a win over CLG in the Promotion Tournament. AyyJayy, PrimeThunder, and Wonder will all be making their debut in the RLCS next season. The roster was also able to qualify for their first LAN event at the Northern Arena Invitational in a few weeks as the fourth seed from North America.

Pluto has previously competed in the first three seasons of RLCS and at many LAN events. With his addition as a substitute, these rising stars will benefit from his veteran experience as well as have a solid substitute to rely on.