ORDER picks up Dumbo, ZeN, and Julz

ORDER have made their first real entry into Rocket League by picking up the roster of Dumbo, ZeN, and Julz.

All three of these players competed in the last season of Throwdown under different teams. Dumbo comes from the former Dark Sided roster that was one of the top contenders for a world championship spot. Unfortunately, the team saw themselves get knocked out in the qualification match during the finals in a close 3-4 series that went all the way. Dumbo actually competed under the ORDER banner during the Gfinity Australia Elite Series, finishing first place at the LAN event with a win over now-teammate ZeN.

During the RLCS World Championship qualification match, Dumbo was beaten by none other than his now-teammate Julz who was on Tainted Minds at the time. Tainted Minds defied expectations and put on quite the show at the world championship with an incredibly close loss against Team EnVyUs, which ultimately saw them out of the tournament in last place. With rumors of Kamii also leaving Tainted Minds, the organization will likely look to build a new roster around CJCJ.

The final member of the team ZeN played under the name Legs are silly and failed to qualify for the finals with a 2-5 record in 7th place. However following the event, the roster was picked up by Avant Gaming for the Gfinity Australia Elite Series where they made an incredible run. They took out the Chiefs during the playoffs to make it to the Grand Finals, which ultimately saw them losing to the Melbourne ORDER.

With the vast amount of experience these three players have, they should be a shoe-in for the upcoming season of Throwdown. However, it's hard to judge exactly where the team will place with the amount of changes that have happened to every roster during the off-season.