MummiSnow joins Fnatic

MummiSnow will be joining Fnatic to fill the void left after Sikii's departure.

MummiSnow was the breakout player of the European Rival Series last year, leading Servette Geneva to a Top 2 spot in the league with a 5-2 record. MummiSnow led the league in goals with 31 (1.15 goals per game) on 36.05% shooting. Additionally, he participated in 71.88% of his team's goals, the second highest in the league. Following the team's qualification into the next season of the RLCS, it was announced that he would be removed from the roster despite his strong presence on the roster throughout the league.

Fnatic had a very poor performance in the fifth season of the RLCS, finishing at the bottom of the leaderboard with a 1-6 record and having to play in the Promotion Tournament. Fortunately for the squad, they would bounce back and retain their spot in the RLCS with wins over exceL Esports and Team Secret.

It's not a surprise that the team would look to make a change in hopes of avoiding a repeat performance. Fnatic had the worst performing offense in the league during Season 5 with them sitting at the bottom of the table in goals, assists, and shots. MummiSnow has shown that he is the exact kind of player Fnatic needs if they hope to do better this time around.

The Fnatic roster consists of: