MoneyTalk parts ways with Team WLF

MoneyTalk has just officially announced on Twitter that he will be departing Team WLF.

With an all Italian roster, Team WLF was one of Europe's breakthrough teams coming into this season's Rival Series Qualifiers. The roster composed of MoneyTalk, Arju, and Lindow was mostly unknown until a streak of incredible results gave them a lot of exposure and notoriety. Among other results, WLF most notably won one of the Challenger Series weekly tournaments made by Gfinity with a 4-0 victory against Team Secret, and also finished 3rd-4th in the HyperX HyperCup after qualifying through the Open Qualifier, and then knocking out FlipSid3 Tactics in the Group Stage and winning the Quarterfinal against PSG eSports at the Playoff stage, eventually falling to Team Secret in the Semifinal.

With these results, WLF went on to play in the EU Play-In as the #2 seed. Unfortunately, the team would have an early exit, finishing 9th-12th after an early upset 2-3 loss against Pregnant Boyz that would send them to the Losers Bracket and would force them to eventually play against Method, resulting in another 2-3 loss and costing them a chance at the RLRS.

After their disappointing run in the Play-In, the roster had been quiet. After playing some Gfinity weekly cups with the same roster, it was thought the members would stick together with the Northern Arena Invitational qualifiers coming up in under two weeks. However with this announcement, MoneyTalk will now be looking for a new roster for the future. Team WLF has already announced as well that the remaining members Arju and Lindow will stick together and are now looking for a third: