Metsanauris replaces Deevo on former Team Envy roster

Metsanauris will be joining remkoe and EyeIgnite for the upcoming RLCS Season 6 replacing Deevo, coinciding with the rosters' release from Team Envy.

Metsanauris, recently replaced by gReazy on the complexity gaming roster having aided them to a top 3 spot at the RLCS Season 5 World Championship will be featuring in the RLCS this season. As an experienced replacement for the diminishing performances of Deevo due to what many have rumoured to be his work ethic, Metsanauris will surely bring a change to the fortunes of this former Team Envy roster and it'll be interesting to see how they'll stack up against their opponents.

This roster swap comes at a time of major change in the landscape of the European RLCS with many traditional rosters changing in an attempt to improve their fortunes. Deevo will surely now have to fight his way through the Rival Series play-in this season in order to even feature in the higher levels of Rocket League competition and we all know how much the play-in can be a cruel beast.

With this roster change comes the unfortunate news that Team Envy have released remkoe , EyeIgnite and Deevo for the foreseeable future. While we cannot confirm whether they'll be remaining in the Gfinity Elite Series next season, this is a clear disappointment for the scene to have one of the many established RLCS esport organizations release their players. However, the addition of Metsanauris should bring about great confidence and new belief in the Ex-Envy camp, here's hoping they find an organization to represent soon.

The ex-Team Envy roster consists of: