Mccluvin and Placebo part ways with each other

Mccluvin and Placebo have decided to part ways with each other.

The roster of Al Dente, Godsmilla, and Mccluvin formed prior to the Rival Series Season 5 qualifiers. The team was able to qualify for the play-ins where they qualified for the past season of RLRS through the winner's bracket with wins over x6tence, Pregnant Boyz, and Taxi Bill.

During the Rival Series, the team surprised everyone as they finished 5-2, finding losses only to Servette and Method. With a three-way tie for first place at 5-2, Placebo unfortunately lost out in game win percentage. The team just barely missed out on a chance at RLCS by finishing at third place with a spot in next season's Rival Series.

Since the end of the Rival Series, Placebo has competed in the Ballistix Brawl qualifiers with substitute Caro in for Godsmilla, where they were unable to secure a spot in the finals. Likewise the team once again competed with the substitute during the NARLI Regional Finals and were knocked out with losses to PSG eSports and Fnatic.

With the team currently having a guaranteed spot in the Rival Series, they are an attractive destination for many players. It makes sense for both Mccluvin and Placebo to explore their options as both parties want to secure that top two spot for a chance at promotion.