Jake retires from competitive Rocket League

Australian player Jake has just announced on Twitter that he will be parting ways with Chiefs Esports Club and retiring from competitive Rocket League.

In a move that is sure to send shockwaves in the Oceanic region and across the entire Rocket League landscape, one of the most successful and decorated players in the entire history of Rocket League is now leaving the controller behind him. Jake Edwards, who started under the alias "Jake the Tyrant" but now goes only by his first name, got his first big break in the Oceanic region after he teamed up with his eventual long term teammates Drippay and Torsos. The trio would be picked up by Alpha Sydney in October 26th, 2016 after winning the Open Qualifier for the PAX Australia LAN tournament. There they would place last out of 4 teams, but the potential was already there, and it would be seen within the region for years to come.

Ever since that event, Jake and his teammates would completely dominate all major regional events, winning every single LAN from then on until July 2018. All the success from these players quickly attracted big organizations, with Chiefs Esports Club picking up the trio starting from August 12th, 2017.

Regional Competition
4thESL PAX Australia 2016 Finals
1stSennheiser Classic Finals
1stThrowdown Season 1
1stSeagate FireCuda Cup
1stESL AUNZ Season 1
1stThrowdown Season 2
4thThrowdown Season 3
1stESL AUNZ Season 2
1stThrowdown Season 4
1stESL AUNZ Season 3
1stThrowdown Open Series
1stThrowdown Season 5
3rd-4thGfinity AU Season 1

Jake was also able to showcase his skill internationally ever since the addition of Oceania to the RLCS World Championship in Season 3. Although the team wouldn't fare as well outside their home region as inside, their skill and perseverance would capture the minds and hearts of many international fans ever since their first outing. In their first World Championship appearance in Season 3, Jake, Drippay and Torsos were dismissed by many as a "free win" to any team that ended up facing them; however they would completely shatter expectations by achieving a 3-2 win vs the North American #4 seed Denial Esports in the very first series of the entire event. Unfortunately, they would quickly fall to Mock-It eSports EU and then to The Leftovers; however their first victory was enough to grab the attention of the team and of the Oceanic region as a whole. Season 4 would tell a similar tale with a 7-8th finish as the previous World Championship, however they looked even better than before, losing a close 2-3 series vs G2 Esports in the Winners Round 1, but then upsetting NRG Esports 3-2 in Losers Round 1, to then fall to Cloud9 1-3 in the following round.

In Season 5 their growing skill would come to fruition. Winning their first match vs Evil Geniuses in a 5 game series, they would be sent to the Losers Bracket afterwards by eventual World Champions Team Dignitas. There they would face Team EnVyUs in the second round of the Losers Bracket. Having never won against an European team, the team rallied behind the support of the European crowd and clean sweeped their opposition, and earned Oceania their first ever ticket to the final day of a World Championship. Despite their best efforts, the following day they would be crushed by their nemesis Cloud9 in a 0-3 series. Nonetheless the squad had cemented their status as fan favourites, with Jake being a constant in all of it.

International Competition
7-8thRLCS Season 3 World Championship
7-8thRLCS Season 4 World Championship
5-6thELEAGUE Cup
5-6thRLCS Season 5 World Championship

Now, Rocket League's longest standing trio is broken up as Jake bids farewell. Jake's game prowess and charisma will always be cherished within the scene, and it is with a heavy heart that we see him depart as a player from the game.