gReazy replaces Metsanauris on compLexity

compLexity have announced that they will be parting ways with Metsanauris in favor of gReazy.

This roster move would come as a surprise to anyone that follows only the RLCS where this compLexity roster had finished 2nd last season and 3rd this season. However, there are events outside of the RLCS where the compLexity roster has consistently failed to perform at.

2ndRLCS Season 4 World Championship
7-8thELEAGUE Cup
5-8thHyperX HyperCup
9-12thDreamHack Leipzig
5-6thNARLI EU Finals
3-4thBallistix Finals
3rdRLCS Season 5 World Championship

During this past World Championship in London, Metsanauris was definitely a crowd favorite with them chanting his name at every opportunity. However, statistically this was his worst performance at any event by far with just 3 goals on 9% shooting and an Octane rating of 0.80 throughout the event.

After being together for over a year and still finding issues with their consistency, it is evident that a change may have been necessary. If they hope to compete with the likes of Team Dignitas then they will need every player to perform well when it matters.

gReazy most recently competed under the Team EnVyUs organization during RLCS Season 4 where the team struggled and found themselves in the Promotion Tournament at the end of the season. The team was able to bounce back and secure their spot for Season 5, however they still did not look as strong as expected. The team once again had a terrible performance during DreamHack Leipzig where they exited the event early with a loss to London eSports on Day 1. This prompted the roster to explore potential roster changes which eventually found EyeIgnite stepping in for gReazy..

The compLexity roster finished 2nd in last season's and 3rd in this season's world championship which are solid placements in the toughest competition there is. However, the team had issues with their consistency and failed to perform in events outside of the RLCS since the start of the year. As a result, the team looked to make a change to hopefully fix this consistency issue.

We haven't seen much of gReazy over the last six months, but he is sure to be as strong as ever if both al0t and Mognus have trust in his abilities. Having been a former World Champion, we know he is able to compete at this level and many fans have been long awaiting his return.