Ghost Gaming replace Matt with Memory

Ghost Gaming has just announced on Twitter that Michael "Memory" Moss will be joining the organization, who looks to be replacing Matt "Matt" Dixon in the starting roster as tweeted by the newest player of the squad:

Memory is a long standing member of the scene, having made his first big splash in his career with a surprise qualification for the third season of the RLCS alongside Eric "Halcyon" Rios and Joshua "Lemonpuppy" Wright, beating out first seeded Iris and Atelier along the way to make it in the upper bracket.

Unfortunately the roster would not fare well in the big leagues, going win-less in their debut season, meaning they would lose their spot in the league. The following season the trio would stick together and would try to requalify to the league. Although they would fail to qualify for the RLCS, the announcement of a new second divison - the Rival Series - meant the team's placement was still high enough to secure a spot in the tier below and would have the opportunity to fight their way back to the top league the following season.

Even though they were considered one of the favorites to qualify for the Promotion Tournament, Memory's team would barely be unable to make it as they finished 3rd with a 5-2 record below Fibeon eSports and Out of Style. Even still, the 3rd place finish meant the roster would keep their spot for the fifth season of the RLRS and could potentially make it to the next Promotion Tournament to finally try and earn back a spot in the RLCS.

In the latest season, Memory would see his old teammate Lemonpuppy take a substitute role, with Vincent "Vince" Viani replacing him, and were once again a contender for the top 2 spots. However once again the team would fall just short of that goal, finishing once again in 3rd place with once more a 5-2 record, however this time losing out to Allegiance in a tiebreaker for the coveted 2nd place.

Although always falling shy of his goal of making it back to the RLCS, Memory has always been considered one of the best players of the North American RLRS, having the 3rd highest Octane Rating of the league this past season (from those who were the starters for their rosters) with a 1.29 rating.

Ghost Gaming has just had a very disappointing season, coming in with high expectations after they picked up Matt from Rogue, who was considered one of the team's best player, to replace Jason "Klassux" Klass, but instead finishing the regular season in 6th place, barely scraping by with 1 less game loss than Counter Logic Gaming to prevent themselves from going into the Promotion Tournament, and then losing 1-4 in the Regional Championship vs Cloud9.

With only two days remaining for the RLCS Roster Lock, Ghost Gaming has now decided that they would replace their newest member Matt with fresh blood in order to once again become a contender for the World Championship. As for Matt, no word has yet been given as to whether he will remain within the organization or if he will join a new team.

The Ghost Gaming starting roster consists of: