Fruity joins PSG eSports to replace Bluey

fruity will be replacing long-time player Bluey on PSG eSports, who has moved to the substitute position.

Over the past few months, fruity has been making a name for himself while competing under The Bricks. The team had been one of the strongest teams in the bubble scene. With victories against Renault Vitality (Fairy Peak, Freakii, Paschy90), PSG (Bluey, Chausette, Ferra), FlipSid3 Tactics (kuxir97, miztik, Yukeo), and compLexity Gaming (Al0t, Metsanauris, Mognus) in the lead up to their 2nd place finish in the Ballistix finals, all three players showed that they have what it takes to compete with the best. For more on fruity, be sure to check out his feature: Rising Star: The Story of fruity

Meanwhile, PSG eSports have been struggling to perform up to standards. The team finished 6th place in League Play with a record of 3-4 and then failed to qualify for the world championship with a loss to Vitality in the playoffs. However, they were able to bounce back to qualify for the Northern Arena Invitational.

Unfortunately, PSG eSports did not exceed expectations with them exiting at 5-6th with losses to Cloud9 and NRG Esports. Following this mediocre performance and Bluey's unnecessary outburst, the team has opted to look towards rookie fruity as he tries to turn this once-great PSG team around.

The PSG eSports roster consists of: