Dappur joins Splyce

Following recent news of the CLG roster disbanding, Dappur has decided to join Splyce for the upcoming season.

Dappur competed in the RLCS last season after a close call in Season 4 which saw Renegades re-qualify for the RLCS after having to play in the Season 5 Promotion Tournament. This past season saw his roster under the CLG organization once again in the Promotion Tournament after finishing 7th in League Play. This time the team fell to Allegiance twice and were unable to retain a spot in the RLCS. Following their poor performance, the roster opted to go their separate ways.

Splyce on the other hand competed in last season's Rival Series. The team found themselves in 6th place at the end of the season with a 2-5 record and only obtaining wins over Incognito and The D00ds.

It has not been announced which of the four players will be substituting for the upcoming season. They will likely use the remaining time until the Rival Series Play-in to figure out the best starting roster combination.

The Splyce roster consists of: