D7 parts ways with FaykoW and Pugsay

With the conclusion of the Gfinity Elite Series, D7 has opted to part ways with teammates FaykoW and Pugsay.

This roster was picked up by Epsilon eSports back in February as one of the top upcoming rosters in the off-season. The team made a name for themselves with their great performances in the Gfinity Challenger cups defeating several notable teams each cup. All three of the players finished the Gfinity Challenger Series at the top of the leaderboards at the end of the off-season making the team very appealing to this organization.

The Gfinity Elite Series saw the team finish second in their group behind Method before finishing 3rd-4th with a loss to Team EnVyUs in the playoffs. Though they found success in the Gfinity Elite Series, the roster failed to qualify for RLRS Season 5 despite coming into the qualifiers as the 3rd seed. With this move, D7 will be looking for two new teammates (possibly under the Epsilon organization for future events.