Community Spotlight: epic.LAN 26 Preview
With the Renegade Cup Finals for Europe taking place this weekend, you’d think there wasn’t much else to cover in EU. However, you’d be wrong as the first UK LAN event of the year is taking place in the Kettering Conference Centre this weekend, as 8 teams fight for their share of epic.LAN 26’s £1250 prize pool. “My Gran Said” (LoneAvenger, ElPablo25, Capitan) are looking to retain their title from last October, however this time around the clear favourites are “Sertraline Dreams”, consisting of two former Gfinity Elite Series draftees (Rafro98 and Bananaman) as well as a Renegade Cup finalist and member of bubble team GFG (Polar).

epic.LAN has been running for over 15 years, with the first Rocket League tournament taking place at epic.15 in October 2015 and epic.23 being the first time that the Rocket League tournament had a prize pool, as opposed to free tickets to the following event or products provided by sponsors. This time around, the prize pool is being boosted with the help of ASTRO Gaming who are the sponsors of the tournament.

The favourites:
Sertraline Dreams
  • - Rafro
  • - Polar
  • - Bananaman

The heavy favourites heading into the tournament, Sertraline Dreams head to Kettering with only one thing on their mind - victory. With LAN experience from the Elite Series over the past year as well as a Renegade Cup finalist, this star-studded lineup should take first place here, however with Polar having to play the Renegade Cup EU Finals at the same time, could that potentially take his focus away from here?

Team to watch:
Comrade Rejects
  • - Zippyduda
  • - JordyUnknown
  • - Tagmata

Another team with lots of LAN experience from Insomnia events over the past two years, these underdogs are looking to surprise the number one team. The team consists of Tagmata, a notable 1v1 player who reached the quarter finals of this month’s NA Beyondnet ASTRONAUTS 1v1 Cup, JordyUnknown, who qualified for the January Renegade Cup (Ember Series) and Zippyduda, who participiated in Insomnia 61 with dukes eSports. Expect to see this team challenging at the top end of the tournament, with their eyes firmly set on taking down Sertraline Dreams.

epic.26 will also feature a set of casters whose names might be familiar to those of you who have been paying attention to the Renegade Cups over the last four months, as the talent list includes casters such as Jamie "SwitchBladeJay" Martin and his partner in crime Corey "DigitalBacon" Dyer - who casted much of the Renegade Cup and the recent qualifiers for WSOE and DreamHack Leipzig. They are to be joined by fellow Renegade Cup and Gfinity Elite Series caster Adam "Craftman" Stewart, Rival Esports stalwart Alex "Chrome" Carmichael and epic.LAN frequenter Alastair "RwDragon" Vallance.

The broadcast begins today (February 8th) at 12:00pm (GMT) over on the epicLAN4 Twitch Channel.