Chicago joins Evil Geniuses

After yesterday's announcement of Chrome departing from the Evil Geniuses roster, his replacement has now been announced as being ex-Dignitas player Chicago.

Chicago has been a core member of the Applesauce team since it was formed in May of 2017. Initially teaming up with Hato and zol, the roster then acquired by Fibeon eSports would end up qualifying for RLRS Season 4, where they would get a perfect 7-0 regular season and looked poised for a promotion into the RLCS. Despite that, they failed to meet those expectations after a very disappointing 4th place finish in the Promotion Tournament.

In Season 5, still having secured a spot in the RLRS, the team would part ways with Fibeon and would instead be acquired by Team Dignitas.

The first event under the new organization would be DreamHack Leipzig, where the pickup of Turtle to replace Hato would see Chicago's team finish Top 8 in the event, taking out teams such as Rogue, G2 Esports, The Juicy Kids, and Guess Who (now Vitality) along the way before being eliminated in a narrow 2-3 rematch against G2 Esports.

This result reignited the hype surrounding the team, but unfortunately the team failed to deliver once more with a disappointing 4th place finish in the RLRS Season 5 with a 4-3 record, which would see them fail to even make it to the Promotion Tournament.

Even though the team had failed to meet expectations multiple times, Chicago was still one of the most sought after players not currently in the RLCS. The player has put impressive stats over the past year, with his performance at the previous RLRS being one of his best, ending up as the player with the highest Octane Rating of both EU and NA RLRS with a rating of 1.37, finishing 1st in Score Per Game (351.96) and 2nd in both Goals Per Game (1.09) and Assists Per Game (0.87) in the North American league (excluding Genocop who only played 3 games).

Evil Geniuses on the other hand managed to qualify for the RLCS Season 5 World Championship after finishing 4th in both the regular season and the Regional Championship. Although many predicted a bottom 2 placement for the team, they went on to defy expectations, managing to come back from a crushing 2-3 defeat against Chiefs ESC on the first round of the Winners Bracket to winning in 5 games against both Team Vitality and G2 Esports in the Losers Bracket, until they were finally eliminated by the eventual World Champions Team Dignitas in a 0-3 sweep to finish in 5th-6th place.

Even though many in the community would consider this an above average result for the team, they are surely hoping that this acquisition will improve the team into even better results, and will definitely be a team to look out for coming into the next season of the RLCS.

The Evil Geniuses roster consists of: